Land's End Swim Island




Lands End wanted to create a flash experience to showcase the new swimwear collections they were releasing for summer. We needed to create something that could handle each of their product lines and find a way to showcase them better than a standard shopping experience.


Red Interactive created a special island with a wide variety of locations for each of the product lines. I was responsible for creating all the environments that make up the island. All the screens had to be tailored to a consistent perspective that matched up to the angle the swimsuit models were shot at. This meant they had to be created using multiple photos to achieve the compositions and perspective we needed.


A beautiful experience that was enjoyed by fans for its impressiveness and intuitive was to browse collections. Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent lead the project and worked with me to create the environments. Jared Kroff, Matt Mangus and John Martz all worked on the interface and programming of the site.

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