Honda Automotive Redesign



Redesign and modernize the entire Honda Automotive website into a fully responsive web platform. This needed to be done with a rollout of pages over almost two years. The site is a constantly updating and changing portal, with new vehicle pages being added consistently through out the year.


We started out connecting and rethinking a new content structure for the most visited page type, the vehicle page. Once we were able work out how we wanted this content structured we worked to turn the page elements into re-useable components that could be leveraged for the rest of the pages we needed to update. With the modular component structure started we expanded upon this component library with the launch of new page templates like the homepage or technology showcase pages. This allowed us to leverage existing tools more and more as the site became more complete. 


Throughout the two years I worked on the project my main responsibilities were new page design along with establishing and championing the design language for the site. This involved working closely with every discipline that worked on the site. This forced me to bounce from client presentation to developer hands offs on a daily basis. I needed to work with the design team to ensure new layouts leveraged the design language properly. I then presented these to the client and worked with them to get the page where they needed it to be. Once approved these were handed off for development and content creation.

The site is a major leap forward for the digital presence of Honda Automotive. The site saw a massive improvement with customer engagement and bounce rates. In early 2017 after the homepage was launched the site was submitted for consideration and won a Los Angeles Addy Award.

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