Doritos The Quest




Create a contest to tie in with the release of a mystery flavor of Doritos chips. Finalists who completed the chalenges on the site would then compete in a real life competition in Las Vegas for $100,000.


Initially we intended to create a very simple series of puzzle to challenges fans for the contest. After some initial brainstorms we came up with a concept to tie in the puzzles into an over arching greater mystery. The setting of an ancient temple would be the backdrop of the puzzles to add character and mystery to the contest. This would enhance the hype and engagement among fans.


This was a large project with an aggressive timeline. Jared Kroff and Adam DeVincent lead the project. My main role was to concept games and create the environments where the games would take place. Matt Mangus, John Martz and Jeff Yamada also worked on the project. The Quest and its teaser site Triangle Mystery both went on to win multiple awards and successfully promoted the contest. Frito Lay ended up using one of our puzzle designs in the real life event as the final challenge.

Visit Site (Type “mountaindew” into the scroll and you will be given access to all the puzzles as a guest)