BEHR ColorSmart

Mobile App / Presentation



Redefine and bring Behr's ColorSmart mobile app up to date. I had been about four years since the launch of the app and it was beginning to feel out of date and stuck with older mobile design patterns. Behr asked us to create a new vision for the app in form and function.


After taking a look at the apps structure and the problems we were having with the navigation and tools, we ended up restructuring most of the content and adding a prominent control panel for users to manage projects in their journey to find the right colors for their home. I then created a striking design using a minimal aesthetic to help users not be distracted while using the app.


The pitch was successful, beating out two other agencies. MY role was creating the concept, comping designs and presenting it to the client. Dan Henderson worked with me on wireframes and data structures. Andrew Page, Michele Wong and Brendan Curtis all worked on the project as well.