Assassin’s Creed 2: Twitter Assassination Game

Game / Website



To help generate extensive social engagement around the launch of Assassin’s Creed 2, we created a unique assassination game powered by the Twitter platform. Users competed in a real-time social battle within an immersive digital ecosystem. 24 hours a day, followers of AC2 were assigned specific targets for assassination, and they had to avoid being assassinated themselves.


Players could use the site, Twitter or their favorite Twitter client to launch an attack or counter. Success in the game unlocked additional player controls and weapons, thereby encouraging ongoing game play. Moreover, a robust data visualizer provided a real-time representation of game play, along with statistics and an activity log.


Launched on the first day of Comic-Con, it sparked extensive online buzz within communities of game, social media and technology bloggers. Beyond creating industry-wide buzz, the game generated tremendous brand visibility within the Twitter network.  Every player was constantly sending out game-related tweets that were visible to everyone within their network of followers.  As a result of the vast number of messages, AC2 rose to the top of Twitter conversation trending sites. The game ultimately drove sales by increasing awareness, social activity, positive online chatter and social PR. I worked with a large team creating layouts and experience pieces for the game.